ENVIE Hair Straightening System is a one-time, specially formulated, treatment that uses patented ingredients to eliminate curls and frizz for up to 90 days, giving hair a softer, shinier, and healthier appearance. 

Tools needed for the process: 
Blow dryer, flat iron, roller or paddle brush, wide tooth comb, towels, small bowl, hair coloring brush, and hair clips. 

1. Wash hair twice using Step One ENVIE Clarifying Shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and minimally towel dry so hair is not dripping wet. Hair should be damp but not wet. Brush or comb out hair after towel drying.

2. Apply Step Two ENVIE Straightening Agent. Pour contents of Straightening Agent bottle into a small bowl. Starting at the bottom back of head, part hair using wide tooth comb 1” - 2” depending on hair thickness. Use hair clip to hold additional hair out of way. Using coloring brush, brush on Straightening Agent from root to tip. After applying, comb the section several times to evenly apply the Straightening Agent throughout section of hair. After combing, move to the next section and continue this process until the Straightening Agent has been applied to entire head of hair.
3. Wait 20 minutes before moving to the next step (Keep the Straightening Agent in the hair. Do not rinse out). During the waiting process, approximately every 5 to 6 minutes, run the wide tooth comb through the hair to make sure you have evenly distributed all the Straightening Agent throughout the hair.

4. Blow dry hair (Do not rinse the ENVIE Straightening Agent out of hair). Dry the hair as much as possible using a roller or paddle brush. The hair will feel heavy and damp.

5. Flat iron hair taking small sections of the hair at a time (About the width of a quarter). After flat ironing each section, brush that section of hair.
6. Wait 20 minutes before moving to next step.

7. Wash hair thoroughly with Step Three ENVIE Post Treatment Shampoo and rinse hair thoroughly.

8. Apply Step Four ENVIE Post Treatment Conditioner (Let set in hair for 3 - 5 minutes before rinsing out). Rinse out conditioner and then remove all excess water from hair by towel drying.

9. Blow dry hair using a roller brush or paddle brush. You may wish to apply a thermal protectant for the final two steps.

10. Flat iron the hair.

Entire process should take between 1.5 - 2 hours depending on hair length.

For best results, keep hair dry for approximately 6 - 8 hours before washing again. During initial 6 - 8 hours, let hair hang loose. Do not clip or pull back.

Do not ingest ENVIE products. If content comes in contact with eyes, flush with warm water.

ENVIE Hair Straightening System Care and Maintenance
In order to give you the longest duration of action (number of days with straight frizz free hair), we recommend a few simple suggestions and things to consider:
1. During the application of the ENVIE Hair Straightening System, it is important to make sure that you are able to spread the Step 2 ENVIE Straightening Agent evenly throughout your entire hair, making sure that all of your hair is exposed to the straightening agent. For best results, keep your hair extremely damp during the application process. If necessary, wet the untreated hair with water, either by spraying or running a wet brush through it, before applying Step 2 Straightening Agent.

2. Please follow the directions as closely as possible. To obtain the best results, please adhere to the 20 minute wait times outlined in the directions during the application process. The wait time is critical for the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the hair shaft faster than normal.

3. Frequent exposure of hair to salt water pools and swimming pools with high chlorine levels, or swimming in the ocean, may leach the active ingredients out of the hair shaft.

4. The more frequently the hair is washed (post application) with a shampoo or conditioner that contains a high pH level, the more rapidly the active ingredients will wash out of the hair shaft. We recommend the ENVIE Stay Straight Daily Shampoo and Conditioner, which have been developed to be used with our system to maximize results.